ArchiCAD Collection 2010

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نرم افزار ArchiCAD برنامه اي بسيار کامل با قابليت هاي جديد جهت طراحي و پياده سازي محيط هاي سه بعدي است و فراهم کننده مدل هاي حرفه اي مجازي جهت مهندسين عمران و معماري است. کاربران با کمک نرم افزار ArchiCAD طرح هاي خود را سريعتر آناليز مي کنند اين کار با استفاده از تخمين خصوصيات فضاي طراحي در محيطي سه بعدي صورت مي گيرد و سريعا گزارشي دقيق از کل پروژه به صورت مستند براي کاربر توليد مي شود.

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ArchiCAD Collection 2010


ArchiCAD gives users the ability to create great architecture and increase productivity. From day one, ArchiCAD has been designed by architects for architects, and over the years it has gradually become more and more refined to allow its users to better

Focus on design
Manage change
Evaluate design  alternatives

ArchiCAD® offers a different approach to your workflow process, which gives you more control over your design, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in documentation. While you raise walls, lay floors, add doors and windows, build stairs and construct roofs this Building Information Authoring Tool creates a central database of 3D model data. From this you can extract all the information needed to completely describe your design - complete plans, sections and elevations, architectural and construction details, Bills of Quantities window/door/finish schedules, renderings, animations and virtual reality scenes. That means while you\'re designing, ArchiCAD is creating all the project documentation so there\'s little repetitive and tedious drafting work. And unlike designing in 2D software, the Virtual BuildingTM approach also means that you can make changes at any time maintaining the integrity of your documents, without risking costly errors or costing you productivity.
ArchiCAD is an architectural BIM CAD software for Macintosh and Windows developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft. Development started in 1982 for the original Apple Macintosh.
ArchiCAD allows the user to work with data-enhanced parametric objects, often called \"smart objects\" by users. This differs from the operational style of other CAD programs created in the 1980s. The product allows the user to create a \"virtual building\" with virtual structural elements like walls, slabs, roofs, doors, windows and furniture. A large variety of pre-designed, customizable objects come with the program

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