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فرهنگ متضاد و مترادف راهنماي ارزشمندي براي کساني که دامنه واژه گان خود را توسعه ببخشند و نوشتن خود را تقويت کنند. کتاب حاضر شامل 140000 متضاد و مترداف با مثال و تلفظ مي باشد. از ويژگي هاي اين کتاب پيدا کردن سريع و راحت واژه مي توان نام برد.

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کد کالا 50-3231
وزن 700 گرم
انتشارات جنگل
Oxford University Press
مولف Oxford University
تاریخ انتشار 1 فروردین 1388
قطع کتاب وزیری
نوع جلد شومیز
نوع چاپ تک رنگ
نوع کاغذ معمولی
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تعداد صفحات 300
نوبت چاپ 1
شابک 13 رقمی 9780199210657

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Authoritative, accessible, and completely up to date, this new edition of the popular Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms is an invaluable guide for anyone wanting to build their vocabulary and invigorate their writing skills.
Over 140,000 alternative and opposite words are given with the closest, most frequently used synonyms listed first. In addition, thousands of real-life examples of usage from the Oxford English Corpus put the words in the context of sentences, which helps the reader to pinpoint the right word quickly and easily (and avoid embarrassing mistakes). Also included are some useful appendices designed to improve your knowledge of the language: a new Wordfinder section offers a selection of thematic lists--from chemical elements and clothing to phobias and flowers--and a Common Confusables supplement highlights the crucial differences between similar words that are often mixed up.
Anyone wanting a practical and accessible language guide that will expand their vocabulary and sharpen their writing skills--including families, wordgame buffs, and students learning English as a foreign language--will want this dictionary on their reference shelf.

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برای جدا کردن برچسب‌ها از فاصله استفاده کنید. برای جملات نقل قول تکی (') را به کار ببرید.

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