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  • انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته مدیریت آموزشی انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته مدیریت آموزشی

انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته مدیریت آموزشی

بازنگری سریع

This book is written for the students who aspire to pursue their studies in the
field of educational administration through the medium of English. In order to
meet the language needs of these students, university professors and current
authentic textbooks and relevant articles in the area have been consulted. Care
has been taken to use materials which students in this discipline encounter in
their studies in terms of theory, research and practice. However, the main
emphasis, as expected, has been placed on the language which embodies this
The areas which this book in units includes are, but not limited to:
beginning a career in educational administration, leadership and management,
models of educational administration, nature of decision making, current
developments in educational administration, individuals in schools, and
authority and administrative behavior.
Obviously, books written to teach English for academic purposes try to
realize the goals that curriculum specialists, considering the needs of many
stakeholders, including the society, teachers, learners, and publishers have
deemed as pivotal in terms of both language and content. These goals, as far as
the language itself is concerned, are mainly the teaching of reading skills,
reading strategies, vocabulary development, context specific structure, syntax
and vocabulary, and also skills such as paraphrasing, note-taking and
summarizing. The intention in the writing of this book has been to help realize
these goals. However, the extent to which it has been able to achieve these goals
in important ways depends very much on how it is used, and in the case of
shortcomings, on all stakeholders gracious comments, suggestions and criticisms
which will greatfully be included in the future editions

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كتاب حاضر براي دانشجـويان رشتـه مدیریت آموزشی در مقطع كارشناسی به عنوان منبع اصلي درس «زبان تخصصی» به ارزش 2 واحد تدوين شده است.

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