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  • کتیا - CATIA 5R20 32&64bit with ServicePack 1 کتیا - CATIA 5R20 32&64bit with ServicePack 1

کتیا - CATIA 5R20 32&64bit with ServicePack 1

بازنگری سریع

نرم افزار CATIA یکی از قویترین نرم افزارهای طراحی،تولید و تحلیل به کمک کامپیوتر یا CAD/CAM/CAE در جهان مبیاشد که اکنون به عنوان یهترین نرم افزارهای CAD/CAM/CAE در سطح جهانی به صورت وسیع مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد.

کاربردهای این نرم افزار:

1- محیط های مدل سازی (Solid Model) : این قسمت که در زیر مجموعه ماژول Mechanical Design قرار دارد برای مدل کردن قطعات توپر (Solid) و مجموعه مونتاژی و طراحی قالب و طراحی مدل های ورقکاری (Sheetmetal)، نقشه کشی صنعتی ،تلرانس گذاری و ... استفاده میشود .

2-مدل سازی سطوح : این قسمت علاوه بر ساخت سطوح پیچیده قابلیت انجام مدلسازی روی ابر نقاط و فایلهای حاصل از اسکن سه بعدی را نیز دارا است .

3- محیط ماشینکاری : پس از ساخت مدل به کمک قابلیتهای محیط ماشینکاری براحتی میتوان عملیات ماشینکاری مورد نیاز برای تهیه قطعه مدل شده از روی قطعه خام را تعریف کرده و هر مرحله از ماشینکاری را بصورت متحرک (انیمیشن) مشاهده کنید .

4- محیط تحلیل المان محدود : به کمک قابلیتهای این محیط میتوانید قطعات و مدلهای مونتاژی ساخته شده در این نرم افزار را تحلیل کرده و مواردی مانند تغییر شکل ،توزیع تنش و ... را در آنها بدست آورد .

5- طراحی و تحلیل مکانیزمها : به کمک این قابلیت از نرم افزار Catia میتوانید پس از تعریف اتصالات بین اجزای مختلف مکانیزم ،حرکت مکانیزم را مشاهده کرده و آنرا تحلیل کنید .یکی از مهمترین قابلیتهای این نرم افزار این است که به کاربر اجازه می دهد به راحتی که از یک محیط کاری به محیط کاری دیگر منتقل گردد. به عنوان مثال شما پس از این که در محیط Digitized Shape Editor از یک ابر نقاط اسکن تهیه کردید به راحتی می توان در محیط Genrative Shape Design و یا Free Style از آن Surface تهیه کنید. زیرا همانطور که شاید اطلاع داشته باشید برای اینکه بتوانید مدل خود را از یک محیط به محیط دیگر ببرید ابتدا نیاز است که مدل خود را به صورتی ذخیره و یا Import کنید که نرم افزار دیگر قابلیت خواندن این اطلاعات را داشته باشند و احتمالا در این انتقال مدل شما ممکن است data lost داشته باشد.

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CATIA 5R20 32&64bit with Servicepack 1


CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systemes and marketed worldwide by IBM. Written in the C++ programming language, CATIA is the cornerstone of the Dassault Systemes product lifecycle management software suite.The software was created in the late 1970s and early 1980s to develop Dassault\'s Mirage fighter jet, then was adopted in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and other industries.CATIA competes in the CAD/CAM/CAE market with Siemens NX, Pro/ENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor and SolidEdge.


Native Class A Automotive Surfacing Within V5

ICEM Shape Design products are now delivered on standard CATIA V5 media supporting traditional V5 installation, licensing and administration procedures.

CATIA Composites Excellence

The new Light Manufacturing Part Generation product notably enhances productivity and collaboration by allowing users to work concurrently on the same composite part, later merging and synchronizing separately designed stacks into a single manufactured composite part.
A new grid-based design methodology automatically generates plies by taking each cell’s composite specifications defined during simulation and applying composite design best practices.

Enhanced STEP Interface

CATIA V5R20 enhances openness and collaboration by introducing a unique new product, CATIA Extended STEP Interface.  It advances large assembly archiving with nested assembly support and will include full composite data and FT&A in the standard STEP format.  This enables long-term archiving of this data, as well as improves data exchange between different CAD formats.

Mechanical Part Design enhancements

In particular, progress in functional modeling (from plastic to cast and forged parts) now addresses Powertrain processes, as well better collaboration on complex parts.  Functional modeling allows users to design oil pans, gear boxes, or motor brackets up to 40% faster.


Deliver CATIA integrated solution with CATIA ICEM Shape Design to fully address Automotive Class A
Delivered on standard CATIA V5 media supporting traditional V5 installation, licensing and administration procedures, ICEM Shape Design (ISD) V5R20 now becomes an integral part of your CATIA V5 deployment. ISD R20 extends its advanced and powerful freeform surface creation, modification and analysis capabilities within the Class A modeling domain.

Support composites data in the standard STEP format and increase productivity with Light Manufacturing Part Generation
CATIA V5R20 is the first solution that supports composites data in the standard STEP format. As a result, long-term archiving of composite data is becoming a reality, especially for the aerospace industry. This new support of composites in the STEP format also leverages the exchange of data between different CAD vendors. In addition, users can greatly increase productivity with Light Manufacturing Part Generation, which ensures that manufactured parts can be quickly created and synchronized with designed parts.

Industrial Design : Accelerate, unify, and streamline the conceptual design and surfacing workflow with new Imagine & Shape features
The powerful new Subdivision Net Surfaces feature in Imagine & Shape allows users to combine the curve-based approach with subdivision surfaces clay modeling. This feature helps increase design quality and empower the Creative Designer with greater capabilities. Imagine & Shape is particularly beneficial to the styling centers/design studios in transportation & product design industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Yacht, High Tech, Consumer goods, Packaging & Life science medical device.


Enhancements of Mechanical Part Design products and tools
The Functional Modeling Part product has been enhanced to address the design processes of customers in the Powertrain domain as well as to support complex part design. Functional Modeling technology allows users to design oil pans, gear boxes, or motor brackets up to 40% faster. Enhancements have also been added to the Fillet comman to ensure better robustness, and to the Wall Thickness Analysis tool to ensure better design quality and manufacturability. All of these enhancements are particularly beneficial to the Powertrain domain.

Visualize complex multi-plane internal section views
This CATIA 2D Layout for 3D Design new feature allows users to cut a part along multiple planes. Afterwards, they can instantly visualize several internal features, such as holes or slots, in a single view to better understand the geometry and all of its annotations. This instant display of complex views requires no computation and helps users to work faster. It is valuable across all industries.

Comply with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification policies
The 3D Insight product has been developed to comply with FAA certification policies which require there be only one model and one modifier, a primary engineer, during the entire development, deployment, manufacturing and management lifecycle. This feature applies to the aeronautical industry.


Improve ergonomics and user productivity with Flex Simulation, Harness Installation and Harness Flattening enhancements
Harness analysis, and filtering and sorting capabilities in the device list have been improved to enhance ergonomics. In addition, knowledge parameters on bundle segments in harness flattening can be
synchronized. These enhancements, among others, are particularly beneficial to the aeronautical and automotive industries.


NEW STEP product for advanced functionalities
CATIA Extended STEP Interface enables long-term archiving with full validation properties and nested assemblies. It also makes it possible to manage very large assembly structures thru STEP thanks to nested assemblies support. This feature especially benefits the aeronautical and automotive industries.



Reduce programming and machining time
Two new features - material removal simulation and advanced finishing - reduce programming and machining time, respectively, so companies can save time and money. The material removal simulation feature reduces programming time by helping users to better understand the IPM (In Process Model) with the use of color coding. The advanced finishing feature reduces machining time by providing an optimized finishing route in only one operation while taking a dedicated strategy into account for the vertical and horizontal areas. These features enhance the machining process across all industries.



New rule based meshing for creating high quality meshes
A new product, SIMULIA Rule Based Meshing, is available to automate the process of creating high quality surface meshing for all workflows that use CATIA meshing tools. The new product gives the user a means to specify globally the desired meshing treatment of entities such as holes, fillets, and beads. It also gives the user a means to specify acceptable element quality criteria, such as minimum edge length, aspect ratio, and skewness. Once the complete set of meshing rules has been specified, no additional user involvement is necessary, as the actual mesh generation is completely automated.

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