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  • Autodesk ShowCase 2011 Autodesk ShowCase 2011

Autodesk ShowCase 2011

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Autodesk ShowCase 2011 32 & 64bit

Overview :

Interactive, Accessible 3D Visualizations

Autodesk® Showcase® 3D visualization software offers product designers, engineers, and marketing professionals the ability to transform digital prototypes into highly realistic imagery and immersive, interactive presentations. You can more easily evaluate designs in detail and in context, explore alternatives in real time, and communicate the story of your design. Showcase eliminates the need for physical prototypes to convey design intent, enabling more economical, efficient review processes in which teams can make better informed decisions.

Simplified data preparation—Native support for Autodesk® Inventor® and Autodesk® Alias® software files—and streamlined interoperability with Autodesk® Moldflow® products and certain third-party CAD software—can save time and limit rework when creating high-quality 3D visualizations.
Design storytelling—Storyboarding and presentation tools enable you to vividly tell a product design story through cinematic-quality imagery and effects. Stakeholders can explore and interact with digital models in real time.
Informed decision making—More accurately convey real-world materials, lighting, and environments. Change design geometry and positioning in real time. Visualize effects of the manufacturing process to optimize a design’s appearance.

Make Better Decisions, Faster :
Autodesk Showcase software addresses the important issue of decision-making on digital prototypes. It enables designers to create accurate, realistic imagery from 3D CAD data to not only convey form and function, but also create environmental context to communicate brand character. Showcase helps users present and review models in an environment in which team members can make reliable decisions locally and via remote sessions—resulting in an efficient and economical design review process.

Power Up Your Digital Prototype :
Use high-quality digital 3D visualization to evaluate multiple design variations and communicate ideas. Showcase helps users reduce the time and cost of building physical prototypes in early design phases. Interact with digital models in real time. Use a variety of materials and geometry during presentations, and switch between variations with a single mouse-click. Facilitate the approval of designs by using Showcase to bypass client or management reluctance to approve designs based on low-quality imagery. Showcase generates photorealistic imagery with superior visual fidelity that accurately represents real-world materials, lighting, and environments.

Make Visualization Accessible :
Showcase makes realistic, interactive visualization accessible to designers and provides advanced functionality for visualization experts by combining the latest technology with an easy-to-access architecture. With its well-documented API (application programming interface) and scripting language, Showcase can be accessed on a programming level to meet specific customer needs. It provides tools to prepare, process, and present 3D design data in a single application, simplifying the preparation of data for high-quality visualization and further use. Because Showcase allows design model changes while preparing imagery for design reviews, it significantly reduces preparation time so design and visualization work can be done in parallel.


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Recommended Minimum System Requirements


The 32-bit version of Showcase 2011 software is supported by any of the following operating systems:

• Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (SP3 or higher) operating system

• Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business (SP2 or higher) operating system

• Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional operating system

The 64-bit version of Showcase 2011 software is supported by any of the following operating systems:

• Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64 (SP2 or higher) operating system

• Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business x64 (SP2 or higher) operating system

• Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional x64 operating system



2.4 GHz Intel® or equivalent AMD® processor

• 2 GB system RAM

• Certified NVIDIA® or ATI™ graphics card with at least 512 MB graphics memory


Intel® Pentium® 4; 4-core 2.8 GHz processor; or equivalent AMD processor

• 4 GB or more system RAM with Windows XP x64 Edition or Windows Vista 64-bit

• Certified NVIDIA or ATI graphics card with at least 768 MB graphics memory

Supported Graphics Cards

ATI Radeon™ and ATI FirePro™ graphics cards, as well as NVIDIA® Quadro® FX and NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards released after 2007 that include the 7, 8, or 9 series graphics chipset. Graphics cards must have a minimum 512 MB graphics memory. More memory is recommended on Windows Vista or for users working with large data sets or complex scenes.

Graphics cards include:

7 series: Quadro FX 4500, GeForce 7900GTX, Mobile FX 2500M

8 series: Quadro FX 1700, Quadro FX 4600, GeForce 8800 GTS, Mobile FX 1600M

9 series: Quadro FX 3700, Quadro FX 5800, GeForce 9600 GT, Mobile FX 3600M

• Quadro Plex Model II and Model D2 are also supported.

• ATI Radeon 4830 and 4850

• ATI FirePro 5700, 7750, 8700 and 8750

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