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  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 Corel VideoStudio Pro X3

Corel VideoStudio Pro X3

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X3


VideoStudio Pro X3 kicks the movie making process into high gear, giving you the ultimate playground for creativity. Your complete HD video-editing program, it gives you a rapid head start with professionally designed templates, real-time, studio-quality effects, polished titles and smooth transitions. Super-charge your workflow with GPU acceleration and multi-core Intel® CPU support for faster editing and rendering. Quickly assemble video clips in new Express Edit mode or go deep with advanced video-editing tools. Then share your videos on YouTube, Facebook®, Vimeo®, DVD, AVCHD™ and Blu-ray discs™, iPod®, PSP® and more.

  • Complete HD workflow – import, edit, burn and share standard or HD video
  • GPU acceleration – edit and render twice as fast, especially with HD video
  • Professional content – get $500 US worth of studio-quality RevoStock templates
  • Express movie making – create movies in minutes, then fine-tune with advanced editing tools
  • Real-time effects – work fast with live previews of special effects like RotoSketch
  • Blu-ray authoring & burning – author with Hollywood-style DVD menus
  • Online sharing – send directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and mobile device


VideoStudio Pro X3 now includes DVD Factory™ Pro and DVD MovieFactory™ 7 SE. Whether you want an easy tool for integrated DVD and Blu-ray authoring and burning, or an app with more advanced and robust authoring capabilities, the choice is yours!



Start with professional content

  • New! Professionally designed HD templates from RevoStock—worth over $500 US
  • Enhanced! Studio-quality music, titles, transitions and real-time effects
  • New! Customizable audio tracks with SmartSound® and Dolby Digital® 5.1 Surround Sound
  • New! NewBlue® Effects Pack, including 3D movement

Speed up your entire workflow

  • Enhanced! NVIDIA® CUDA™ GPU acceleration and Intel® Core™ i7 CPU optimization
  • Enhanced! Smart Proxy for faster and smoother HD editing
  • New! Express Edit mode – make movies in minutes to share everywhere!
  • Enhanced! Redesigned interface for a faster video-editing workflow

Get the best in HD video editing

  • Enhanced! Import from HDV™, AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc™ and JVC® HD camcorders
  • New! Save videos as HD MPEG-4 files for the Web with H.264 compression
  • New! Output HD movies on either DVD, or Blu-ray Disc with BD-J activation

Share everywhere—from Blu-ray to the Web

  • Enhanced! Upload directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr®. Now also in HD!
  • Burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs
  • New! Burn HD video to standard DVD media to play on a DVD or Blu-ray player
  • Take your movies to go on iPod, iPhone®, PSP and other mobile devices

What\\\'s New

Create, edit, render and share faster than ever with VideoStudio Pro X3—the best video-editing software for making HD movies. Now two times faster, it simplifies your entire workflow so you can focus on the creative aspects of movie making, without your software getting in the way.

Dramatically enhanced speed and performance

  • New! Hardware acceleration for Intel® Core™i7, NVIDIA® CUDA™ and AMD
  • New! Launcher – quick access to express or advanced editing modes
  • New! Express Edit mode – make movies in minutes!
  • Enhanced! Smart Proxy for faster previewing and more responsive HD editing
  • Enhanced! All-new interface for a faster video-editing workflow

Studio-quality effects and templates

  • New! Professionally designed templates from RevoStock®—worth over $500 US!
  • New! Real-time effects, including NewBlue®FX filters with key framing
  • New! Effects for compositing and video animation, including RotoSketch and AutoSketch
  • New! Multi-track filters that let you add effects to each of your tracks
  • New! GPU-accelerated high-speed filters with real-time preview
  • New! Customizable, royalty-free audio tracks from SmartSound®
  • Enhanced! Title effects for easy compositing

HD enhancements

  • New! Blu-ray authoring with Hollywood-style menus, titles, transitions and effects
  • New! HD authoring to standard DVD media
  • New! Web-ready files – save HD MPEG-4 files for the Web with H.264 compression

More sharing options

  • New! Upload directly to Vimeo®, Facebook®, YouTube™ and Flickr® in standard or HD
  • Enhanced! DVD authoring – output to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc™
  • Enhanced! Save to more file formats, including AVI, FLV, MP3 encode, AC3 5.1, AVCHD™, HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
  • Enhanced! Send to more devices, including iPod®, iPhone® and PSP®


VideoStudio Pro X3 gives you the processing power you need to spend less time waiting and more time creating. Professional video-editing software with end-to-end HD support, it offers a huge palette of features, effects and options that indulge the imagination. Get ready to create your best-ever movies!

More speed across the board

Don\\\'t get tripped up by technical delays—create, edit, render and share twice as fast with this new version!

New! Launcher

VideoStudio Pro X3 gets you right to the task at hand with the new Launcher. From one convenient location, you can start express editing, more advanced video editing, the DV-to-DVD wizard, or DVD Movie Factory™ 2010 for DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring and burning.

New! GPU and CPU Acceleration

Dramatically speed up your entire movie making process with NVIDIA® CUDA™ and Intel® Core™ i7 optimization.

New! VideoStudio Express

Make quick edits, or combine video clips, photos, music and voiceover to create a professional-looking video project in minutes.


Enhanced! User Interface

The redesigned interface keeps all your tools within easy reach so you never have to interrupt your creative flow.

New! High-Speed Filters

Accelerate the video-editing process by previewing your effects in real time. Less time waiting means more time creating!

Smart Proxy Editing

Edit HD content faster, even on basic PCs. Smart Proxy lets you work quickly in a lower resolution until you\\\'re ready to render your project in HD.

Studio-quality templates and effects

Get a creative head start with professionally designed templates from RevoStock®, polished titles, and studio-quality audio and video effects.

New! Movie Templates

VideoStudio Pro X3 offers the best-quality movie templates in its class, including over $500 US worth of templates from RevoStock. Turn video clips into polished movies in an instant, with Hollywood-style titles, transitions, pans and zooms, credits and more.

New! RotoSketch

Transform videos, video frames and photos into animated clips and hand-sketched drawings in a few clicks. By simply applying a filter, you can turn media assets into realistic animations or digital art.

Enhanced! Title Effects

Create stunning titles in seconds by adding multiple title tracks and effects, then customize your work to get the perfect look.


New! Multi-track Overlay Effects

Apply filters on overlay tracks, including titles and images. This professional video-editing software makes it easier than ever!

New! NewBlue®FX Filters

The NewBlueFX Pack includes a variety of animated effects, including the Detail Enhancer for strengthening edges and bringing out detail in a dull or foggy scene, and the Active Camera for simulating every variety of camera jitter.

New! Mood Music from SmartSound®

Load a multi-layered audio track as background to a video, then fine-tune individual instruments to ensure that the music complements your movie, not distracts from it. Add even more music and sound effects with two new audio tracks.

Enhanced! Creative Content

By clicking the Get More button, you can access new content to use in your movie projects, such as title and movie templates, music and effects. Content is updated regularly, giving you a never-ending series of creative options.

End-to-end HD video production

Import, edit and share HD video.

Enhanced! HD Capture and Import

Import HD video from anywhere, including HDV™, AVCHD™, Blu-ray Disc™ and JVC® HD camcorders. Import standard video from DV and analog camcorders, and Web, USB and still image cameras.

Enhanced! Blu-ray Authoring and Burning

Create your own Blu-ray titles, and author menus for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, including BD-J menus.

New! H.264 Compression

Get incredible HD quality in smaller files by creating HD MPEG-4 files with the H.264 codec. This makes it easier to share videos on a variety of devices ranging from low-powered cell phones to high-powered Blu-ray devices.

Unlimited video sharing

Upload, burn, copy and share any way you want.

Enhanced! Online sharing

Share your movies with your own personal network or with the entire world in a few simple clicks. Upload your videos and slideshows directly to YouTube™, Vimeo®, Facebook® and Flickr®.

Enhanced! Format Flexibility

Save your movies to AVI, FLV, MP3 encode, AC3 5.1, AVCHD, HD MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and more.

Enhanced! Copy, Convert and Burn

Copy movies to your device of choice, including iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 players (USB) and PlayStation Portable® (PSP). Burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs. You can even burn HD video to standard DVD media to play on a DVD or Blu-ray player.

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