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(Essential Words for the GRE) واژگان ضروریGRE

بازنگری سریع

Test takers preparing to take the GRE Graduate Record Exam must command a high-level vocabulary to achieve a high score. This book is designed to teach the definitions of 800 words often appearing on the GRE while also familiarizing test takers with how the words are generally used in context. The book opens with a pretest that serves as a diagnostic, then presents the word list with extensive sentence-completion exercises. A following chapter discusses and analyzes essential word roots. The book concludes with a detailed posttest. Answers are given for all exercises and for all questions in the posttest.

From the Inside Flap

· This focused vocabulary-building program will strengthen your word power as you prepare for the Graduate Record Exam

· Take the diagnostic pretest to measure your current vocabulary strength

· Review the book’s 800 essential words you must know for the GRE and understand how to use all of them in context

· Complete the book’s sentence-completion exercises and check your answers as you progress through this program

· Take the post-test at the end of the book to see how your word power has developed

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